The day-boat by idbmarine...

Opengo 888 is a pure day-boat designed for leisure, family, club or charter, with high performance and an incomparable ease of implementation.

From the hull of Malango 888, Denis BOURBIGOT has embodied an idea he had conceived during days of sailing the Caribbean: a large quick and easy day-boat charter.

With Pierre ROLLAND, they imagined, on the hull of Malango 888, a deck accessible and user friendly for disabled people including a central console to access to the interior containing a toilet / wc and a consistent storage.

The deck is a totally open space from bow to stern that hosts and the whole crew, handly with the self-steering, halyards and jib sheet on the center console, rod listening to the rear and a asymmetrical spinnaker tack.

Also a swinging keel to allow high performances and acces to the beach...

Idbmarine validated and optimized the whole process of implementation to combine rigidity, light displacement and ergonomics to get a fast boat, friendly and easy to maintain.

Hull and deck are made in infusion : Opengo 888 benefits from the development of tools of Malango 888.